Remembering My First Steps In Sustainable Fashion

So often the question arises: "What is sustainable fashion?" and before answering, I need to think deeply (and quickly) about who is asking this question. How do I formulate an answer for this particular brain in front of me in this moment, so they can efficiently digest my answer. Often I am translating the core of my definition of sustainability, which is this - sustainable fashion is a segment of the industry whose supply chain is transparent, maintaining a positive triple bottom line, benefiting all people involved, the planet we live on, and business profits. 

It was five years ago when this element of the industry opened my eyes, and I haven't looked back since. Pushing forward working with fair trade fashion brands, consulting on sustainable design, enrolling at FIT for my Sustainable Design certificate, and opening my own ethical fashion store in my hometown are all steps to bring me wherever I'm meant to be. This hasn't been an easy journey, but I'm an advocate of sustainable and ethically made fashion because of what I have seen and the road I have travelled. Education and passion brought me here, as well as the inspiring people along the way, and those I continue to meet. 



To honor this journey, I'm providing a throwback to my first blog post ever, which was in 2013 with Ecocult. I was at Modavanti's Flash Fashion Show, where Alden Wicker and I met, and I was gushing to her about how much I loved her blog. A few days after meeting, I found the guts to ask Alden if I can contribute some writing for her blog, and she graciously accepted. Thinking back on when I was a baby sustainer, it makes my heart melt, and I can say I'm very proud of myself and where I have come since then. 

Click the link below to enjoy the read. And while you're at it, check out more sustainable lifestyle chatter on her blog :)

Why Doesn't America Care About Ethical Fashion?

Meagan Neville