The New World of Knitwear

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Welcome back, Workspace Tribe. First, and foremost, as previously mentioned, each month, we will be spotlighting a designer within Workspace Collective, talking about their craft, inspirations and the path to how they got to the collective. I'm continually amazed at the wonderful creatives that I am blessed to be around. This week we start with a woman who has become a dear friend of mine, Xoli Ngcoza

Xoli's active involvement within the collective and background as a knitter allowed for successful sales throughout the colder months, and due to her desire to remain part of the collective, her design skills have been expanding to other art forms for summer wear. Some of the most intriguing pieces are her Comfy Summer Tanks, most of which are used with a yarn made of upcycled pre-consumer denim waste from Wool and the Gang, and her Copacabana Espadrilles made from yarn consisting of recycled factory cut-offs. The quality, craftsmanship and individuality of each piece can only truly be appreciated first hand. The softness and feel of the fabric is delightful, and the fit is just perfect. Her dedication to innovation in the realm of sustainability in fashion represents the ethos of Workspace Collective. 

All those interested can meet, and interact with Xoli, and try on her stylish pieces inside Workspace Collective on Saturday July 22 between 3PM-5PM for her first ever Pop-Up Shop. 

And by all means, that same day of July 22, get downtown early to engage in the Danbury Farmers' Market on the Danbury green from 10AM-2PM. This will continue running every week until October, featuring local produce, music and culture. We will be popping up that morning and afternoon for the outdoorsy shoppers. 

O T H E R  E V E N T S 

Wednesday July 19 Workspace Collective will be popping up at Rogers Park for the Danbury Westerners game at 5PM. All are welcome to join for a baseball game, and beer garden. 

Followed Thursday afternoon by the Downtown Chow-Down at Kennedy Park from 11AM-2PM, a new weekly food truck gathering, featuring many local businesses, including Workspace Collective.

Thank you for your continued support of local and globally conscious business. Looking forward to the next steps on our journey together. Until we meet again...


Meagan Neville