Refashioned Workshop: Zero Waste + Upcycling Lifestyle

Refashioned Workshop: Zero Waste + Upcycling Lifestyle

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Learn the Basics of a Refashioned Lifestyle through Zero Waste + Upcycling Techniques with Soul Threads + Of The Land

Price: $35
End Product: The education on how to live a Refashioned Lifestyle + an upcycled tote bag with zero waste components

  • Date + Time: 2 Hrs. Saturday 03/31/18 from 2PM - 4PM
  • Skill Level: No previous skill required
  • Materials + Supplies: Bring your own favorite piece of clothing that may be a bit damaged. We'll show you how to refashion it!
  • Location: Workspace Collective - 287 Main Street, Danbury CT 06810
  • Parking: Patriot Garage, Bardo Garage, Street Parking 

In this workshop, the designers behind Soul Threads and Of The Land will teach you the basics of refashioning pieces from your own wardrobe in a sustainable way, along with discussing the steps one would take in order to begin their zero waste and upcycling lifestyle. We will go over why this movement is so important to join, and who and what is impacted by our individual choices when it comes to waste.

The information our designers have learned in the realm of zero waste and upcycling has been broken down into smaller, more attainable steps to be easily implemented into your daily routine, making it effortless to continue to find ways to decrease your carbon footprint. 

Bring your favorite piece of clothing you no longer wear but you can’t give up. We will talk about designing and making it into a piece you now love to wear again! You will also leave with an upcycled tote bag created by our designers. 


About the Designers:

Doreen Breen, owner, and designer for Soul Threads works with natural and recycled fabrics
to create wearable art pieces.  She chooses to be eco-friendly, thoughtful and mindful of the disposability of our society.  Believing there is a conscious connection between people and the clothing they choose to wear,  Doreen works to bring clothing and accessories that inspire and empower the wearer.

Nikki Stewart is a women's wear designer recently relocated from LA to Connecticut. Of The Land is a sustainable line of fashion in its materials and use, as well as it's inspiration. Nikki takes an idea or a feeling and turns it into something tactile, and hopefully the viewer or wearer receives their own unique experience. Zero-waste is a large part of her process in that she uses every aspect of the material until the pieces are too small to cut or sew.