After over two and a half years of connecting customers and designers through the brick and mortar retail experience, Workspace Collective will be closing its doors on May 31st.

We plan to integrate many of the concepts and valuable lessons learned from Workspace Collective into the next iteration of the business model moving forward. More importantly, the next phase will build upon the elements integrating a community of sustainable and ethical creatives who hail from our local regions to more global areas.

Workspace Collective has weaved together a group of outstandingly talented creatives and adventurous shoppers who together have built upon the vision of this space, and I couldn't be happier with my experiences running the shop. The community that we have cultivated will leave a lasting impression on my journey onwards and that leaves my heart full of joy.

Over these two and a half years, we have reached a number of milestones, including working with 60 artisan brands, hosted 30 workshops, and welcomed over 800 people into our community to learn, inspire and connect together around sustainable fashion. We have hosted 6 fashion shows in-store, and outsourced to 3 fundraiser fashion shows externally. Our biggest success was Danbury Fashion Week that took place in July 2018 and we became a large advocate in the global movement towards Fashion Revolution.

Workspace Collective has made an impact on the way our customer's shop. Each shopper got to hear the curated story of the pieces they were buying. It was like my heart was pouring out the aspects of sustainability that our creatives had aligned with, and that was important to me. Preserving artisan craftsmanship, utilizing natural or upcycled materials, and/or embracing fair trade processes were just a few of our core standards that our creatives corresponded with. It was and will continue to be my mission to connect the customer and designer through the retail experience.

There are so many partners, mentors, and advisors to thank. My husband, my parents, brother and all of my family, my spirit mama Lisa Scails. Our designers, customers, and neighboring businesses. To the local business and organizations who were open to collaborating with a young woman with a dream to change the world through fashion, a heartfelt thank you to you all. I believe that when one door closes, another one opens, and interruptions in life provide new possibilities.